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The Connecticut Spine and Disc Institute

The Office of

Charles E. Raftery, MD


Dr. Raftery is dedicated to providing his patients with the highest quality spine care available. He prides himself on the follwing CORE values:


Compassion: Dr. Raftery provides compassionate, knowledgeable and personalized medical treatment of the spine.


Options: Dr. Raftery's practice is focused on the patient. He discusses treatment options and makes every effort to develop a individual treatment plan based on the patients symptoms and expectations.


Resources: Dr. Raftery utilizes a network of medical and rehabilitation resources, working together, to optimize your recovery.


Education: Dr. Raftery provides patients valuable education regarding their condition and together with the patient creates a treatment plan to restore quality of life.


These CORE values=RESULTS...Decreased pain, improved function, helping you...

 Get Back into Life!